Hi, I'm Pierpaolo!

I’m was born in 1991 in a small village in Abruzzo, but I consider myself a world citizen.

I love pizza, I could eat it everyday.

As soon as I turned 18 I started traveling with my two inseparable companions: Alexandra, who later became my wife and mother of my children, and my faithful camera. America, Asia, Africa and Europe. I began my carrier as a professional travel photographer. My goal? To tell stories through pictures.

A few year later I had my love at first sight with wedding photography. Wonderfully full of emotions and moments to document, weddings have opened the doors to the most beautiful form of travel: love.

Tiptoeing into people’s lives, telling about the essence, the fullness, the joy, and the emotions of their most important day.I immediately realized that this is the driving force behind my work, this is what I love doing most: immortalizing love in all its various forms. Moving from fragility to euphoria.

From restlessness to the dream.

I promise to do it naturally, without poses or constructions, but capturing real and authentic moments.

My aim is to provide my clients with memories of the highest value, which they can be proud of for a lifetime, and can share with future generations.

The importance of memory as historical and emotional memory.

I have no geographical limits: I carry out my photo shoots all over the world.

Learning about new cultures and traditions stimulates my creativity, waters my soul and allows me to continuously change my skin.

My name is Pierpaolo.

I tell other people's stories,

I do it with my camera.


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